Away from the pulpit with bling preachers of Harare

They always say that the Lord works in mysterious ways and so, sometimes, does with some of our local pastors, prophets and apostles.

Let’s fly internationally, have you heard of this reality show about six men who do the Lord’s work?

Dubbed the “Preachers of L.A.”, this is an American reality television programme, on Oxygen channel, chronicling the lives of three bishops and three pastors from their work within the church to their personal lives at home.

The preachers are adherents of prosperity theology, an offshoot of Pentecostalism.

The series also encompasses the spouses of the men.

The six ministers here — Bishop Noel Jones, Minister Deltrick Haddon, Bishop Clarence McClendon, Pastor Jay Haizlip, Pastor Wayne Chaney and Bishop Ron Gibson — run sizable churches in Southern California.

Well, just like our prophets, pastors and apostles, among others, we rarely see them in ministerial action, however.

Instead, we see them in the mini-dramas of daily life, prominently focused on the women in their lives, bling, fashion and sometimes comic lifestyles.

In fact, the segments of “Preachers” are introduced with images of these women in slinky solo shots, a technique that’s eerily similar to one used by sister station Bravo in the “Real Housewives” series.

It’s not surprising, therefore, that two dominant dramas in this season opener involve women and modern moral propriety.

Well, back home, Harare has its fair share of the cake.

The city is endowed with a lot of larger than life clergymen and preachers known for deep and fiery sermons.

Pastors and prophets have become iconic, idolised and sometimes polarizing figures in society.

We have seen them preaching in front of large crowds in their alter egos, but people have not taken a look at the human side of these men far from the pulpit — they love to bling!

The Herald on Saturday Lifestyle randomly picked some of the local bling preachers and put them and their bling lifestyles under the microscope – they truly shine bright like diamonds!

The Bible says ‘thou shall not kill’, but these men ‘dress to kill’ and are enjoying the lifestyle.

Emmanuel Makandiwa

The tall and lanky founder of UFIC holds so much charisma that is hard to resist.

Unlike his younger bling counterparts, he is social media shy, but his choice of designer suits bling in him.

His penchant for luxurious houses can easily pass off in the mould of American Bishop Noel Jones who has a mansion built in a large estate in Los Angeles.

Jones is one of Prophet Passion’s bling influences and at one time he filmed himself wining and dining at Jones’ mansion.

Makandiwa is believed to own the famous Glen Lorne house along Mutoko Road.

The giant palatial home sits on a huge chunk of land and alongside having a number of unspecified rooms, it also has a vast swimming pool and a helipad.

It can make it to MTV cribs with ease.

Fashion wise, Makandiwa knows his taste.

Uebert Angel

The Ambassador at Large is arguably the king of bling among his local colleagues.

The preacher loves to wear designer labels and shops from Harrods wearing tailor-made apparel.

He also loves to roll in style and has a reported collection of 47 vehicles around the world which include a Lamborghini worth nearly US$281 000, Black Badge Rolls Royce, a Mercedes coupé, an SL 500 new shape Mercedes, Audi Q7 and a Spyder F3 CAN -AM special series.

To give credence to the fact that he is a man of bling, when Mudiwa-Hood became his spiritual son, his game and bling lifestyle went a notch up – as they say bling is infectious.

In 2018, his Sam Barkeley Construction company reportedly bought an electric power station in Sleaford Town Centre in the United Kingdom and started real estate projects worth around US$20 million.

This includes a total of 300 properties in Botswana, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Bulgaria, United Kingdom and the United States of America.

This is pure bling, to him money isn’t a thing!

Passion Java

Be it comical or prayerful, let God be the judge.

It seems Passion (pictured) somehow is on the news controversially every day and some said it’s more like stunts, but he is a serious man of cloth when it comes to the pulpit.

Fashion and bling is his order of the day. Think of the latest label or designer wear like Gucci you see your favourite Hollywood celebrity wearing, you would be forgiven to see Passion rocking it better than them.

Talk of the original label.

Passion Java’s net worth is not known, but some sources say he is around US$50 million.

Like Angel, he too likes to roll in luxurious cars.

He has bragged about owning a house in the United States.

When king of bling Genius Kadungure was alive, the two had a fierce battle for flamboyance.

Passion had to erect 20 billboards around Harare inscribed with his face and signature Twabam — a sign of narcissism and flashy lifestyle.

His mansion is said to be worth millions and he revealed on social media that he is building a new US$3 million house with a glass bridge to connect his old and new house.

In his fleet, he boasts of a Maserati Levante, Lamborghini Aventador, Rolls Royce, Lamborghini Urus and a Range Rover.

He is arguably one of the most popular clergymen on social media showing off gold watches and designer label clothes.

He has thrown money to random crowds several times.

Recently he had a birthday party and invited some of the best regional musicians to perform at his event.

Edd Branson

The media shy flamboyant preacher usually lets his property do the talking.

Last year he flaunted a Ferrari 8 and also splashed a lump sum on a Lamborghini Urus which is also owned by Aston Villa midfielder Marvelous Nakamba.

The Ferrari F8’s value ranges from US$280 000 to US$320 000 depending on the version.

So far, there are two versions of the Ferrari F8, the Tributo which costs US$280 000 and the Spider which is valued at US$320 000.

Last week, one South African pastor labelled him the best dressed man in Zimbabwe

He also owns a yellow Lamborghini.

Walter Magaya

The wealthy prophet is not much of a super bling, but he splashes money on cars and houses.

He owns a multi-million dollar hotel in Waterfalls and several other properties.

Talk of flashy birthdays and tuxedos – suits that speak money, Magaya is one man to be on the list.

Jay Israel

The South Africa-based young prophet flaunts luxurious cars on social media and he regularly travels around the world in private jets.

However, he is yet to own a jet; he uses one of his spiritual father Alpha Lukau’s private jets.

He prefers to wear expensive West African apparel.

We know there are several prophets who are topical and trendy on social media but unfortunately they couldn’t make it to the list due to the word ‘‘bling’’but for reality show check, definitely they need to be added to the script.

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