ZANU PF welcomes Jonathan Moyo’s apology

ZANUPF Spokesperson Christopher Mutsvangwa has welcomed the apology issued by former Ministers Patrick Zhuwao and Professor Jonathan Moyo  ZANU PF members for backing the opposition under a #ZANUPFmustGo campaign.
Said Mutsvangwa, “This is the most welcome development. I salute the courage and candor coming from the two as penned in their joint letter. This is an endorsement of the sincere and visionary policies and programs espoused by President ED Mnangagwa, our ZANU PF Party leader.
“His message and conduct is coming across as he strives to unify the nation and reaches out to the wider world. We say the more the merrier in the all embracing tent of ZANU PF, the mass party of the Zimbabwe Revolution. All Zimbabweans are equal in their varied capacities and talents. Better we join all our minds and hands in the noble task of building a new Zimbabwe.”
Earlier during the day, online publication ZimLive has taken Moyo to task over his 2021 statement that it would be easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for him to go back to ZANU PF.
Moyo replied saying, “The apology to ZanuPF Members stands Mdu, it is well meant for the reasons in the letter, and for which I further explained to you yesterday, when you sought an explanation; but of course you are free to make of it what you wish or want, meanwhile the letter speaks for itself!”
Moyo and Zhuwao are yet to pronounce whether their apology means they would be rejoining ZANU PF or not.

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