Mnangagwa henchman Mudha claims Zanu PF a peaceful party at the same spot CCC supporter was beaten to death

Former State Security Minister Owen Ncube has urged party youths not to engage in violence during campaigns for next year’s elections, insisting that Zanu PF is a peaceful party.
He was speaking during a youth rally in Mbizo, Friday.
“Elections are now beckoning. We don’t want our youths to engage in violence. Campaign in peace; we don’t want violence in the Midlands province,” he said.
“We want to campaign without any violence. Our main agenda is to campaign for our President; our focus is on the President. The youths must defend the revolution and don’t be intimidated by Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), defend the party, defend the President,” he said.
Ncube’s statements come at a time when the main opposition has accused Zanu PF of unleashing violence against its supporters.
In March a CCC supporter Mboneni Ncube was bludgeoned to death by suspected Zanu PF supporters at the same spot where Ncube was preaching peace.
The former chief spy also castigated machetes gangs, which have caused turmoil in Mbizo.
“Here at Mbizo 4 we hear cases of machetes; that must come to an end. Police must arrest perpetrators. Zanu PF is a party of peace, it is a peaceful party and we campaign in peace,” he said.
Mudha, as Ncube is known, was in the company of President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s son Emmerson, Midlands Provincial Youth Chairperson Enerst Dzoro and some youths in the national executive.
“We are happy that the youths now know how to defend the party. We now have youths who are grounded in party ideology. As we are now going into the 2023 elections we need youths who are steadfast; youths who defend Zanu PF and the President,” said the former cabinet minister.
“We want you to defend Midlands and Kwekwe. We don’t want a youth wing which will be intimidated by the CCC. We want a youth which will defend the party.
“During our times as youths, we used to defend the party we have left the honours to you for you to defend the party. 2023 is now upon us, we must prepare to defend the President. Zanu PF is a party which was borne out of sacrifice and blood. Some youths like you then sacrificed their lives for the country’s liberation,” he said.
Meanwhile, Mudha said CCC leader Nelson Chamisa will never occupy the State House.
“I want to tell Chamisa that we are here (Mbizo 4) where he once addressed. I want to tell him that State House is too far for the opposition. He can never reach the State House,” he said. *_-NewZimbabwe_*

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