Christmas shopping frenzy hits Harare

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HARARE central business district was a hive of activity this week with people shopping ahead of Christmas on Sunday.

A snap survey conducted by H-Metro showed that consumers were mainly buying groceries and clothing. Wholesalers, tuck-shops and clothing shops were making brisk business.

Most shoppers in clothing shops were buying clothes for their children.

Some shoppers told H-Metro that they were geared up for this year’s Christmas.

“We are geared up for this year’s Christmas celebration with our families.

“We are still deciding whether or not to join our relatives in the rural areas,” said one shopper, Nele Mandebvu, who was shopping at a grocery store. Another shopper at Nyahokwe Mall said: “This year’s Christmas festival is worth it. Who doesn’t want to look good? We are going to party with our families. “This mall is stocked with quality clothes and that’s why we are here,” said a shopper who declined to be identified.

A shop attendant at Nyahokwe Mall said business was booming this week.

“Since the beginning of this month, we have been having good business, but this week is the best,” she said. *H-Metro

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