Woman fights stepsons over house

A GLEN NORAH woman is at loggerheads with her two stepsons over a house.

Winnet Matape told the court that her stepsons, David (54) and Edwin Mtetwa (43) have been abusing her since the death of her husband.

She told the court that her stepsons disturb her peace and have been attempting to evict her from her matrimonial home.

She applied for a protection order, saying her stepsons keep telling her to go back to her parents because she doesn’t have a child with their father.

Presiding magistrate Tamara Chibindi granted the protection order to Matape.

“They are harassing me saying the house belongs to them and they have even threatened to kill me for the house.

“I have never known peace since my husband died, ndotoshuwirawo  zororo.

“The house belongs to me and my late husband and these two are already grown-ups,” she said.

David and Edwin disputed the allegations saying they have never abused or harassed her.

“She is accusing us of killing our father. She is just our ex-stepmother not our stepmother,” said David.

Edwin said:

“She is trying to force us to marry of which she has no right. Dai vari mumwe wayenda kumusha kwavo,” said Edwin.

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