Lameck Makwiramiti: Mabvuku man who cursed dead person at her funeral filmed bashing neighbour

Lameck Makwiramiti who cursed a dead woman on her funeral wake accusing the deceased of being evil is back again
A Mabvuku ‘social media freak’, who once made headlines for causing chaos at a cemetery for demonising the deceased, is at it again.

Lameck Chimoka Makwiramiti shot to fame in 2017, after a short clip of him standing on top of a grave and telling mourners that the person they were burying was a nasty.

In the video clip, Makwiramiti said “Mai Tumba” (the woman being buried) hurt his family after her son impregnated his daughter and abandoned her.

This triggered fierce debate on social media, with many saying Makwiramiti was brave to defy tradition that you don’t speak ill of the dead.

However, his recent act of reportedly asking his friend, Augustine Kariwo, to film him assaulting his 55-year-old neighbour, Josphat Tafirenyika, has irked some people.

Josphat has since lodged a police report against Lameck under IR59/01/23 at Mabvuku Police Station.

Narrating his ordeal, Josphat said Lameck was now obsessed with social media that he makes ridiculous recordings just to post.

“Lameck has become a nuisance in our community for the sake of trying to grow his popularity on social media.

“It’s unbecoming for one to hire a friend to record a video beating me like his child for the sake of posting it on social media.

“He approached me to assist one of his daughters acquire a birth certificate as a witness since we are neighbours,” said Josphat.

“He paid me for the services, and they delayed going to the Registry offices and he assaulted me for that imagine, while his friend was recording,” said Josphat.

In the video posted on social media, Lameck slaps Josphat and then whips him with a belt, accusing him of defrauding his child and demanding the money back.

Lameck could not be reached for comment.

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