Jaison Muvevi Saves A Man Who Had Wrongly Been Jailed For Murder

A Harare man is singing praises to the Almighty after he was yesterday freed from prison where he was held for a murder he did not commit.

Nyasha Eusen who was being held on allegations of killing one Nyarai Round, breathed a sigh of relief after the state withdrew charges against him and made him a key witness in the case instead.

This follows investigations pointing to serial murder suspect and former detective Jaison Muvevi as the culprit.

Muvevi allegedly shot and killed three people in cold blood recently before it emerged he could be linked to seven more murders, including that of Round.

Zimlive reports that a scar on Muvevi’s elbow and medical documents discovered in his car following his arrest sold him out and linked him to Round’s murder.

Eusen has been in jail since November 30 last year after he was arrested in connection with the murder of the same victim.

He was in the company of Round when the incident allegedly took place.

After Round was killed, Eusen was forced by Muvevi into the ex-detective’s vehicle but later managed to escape.

It was not outlined how Eusen ended up being arrested.

Prosecutors confirmed the withdrawal of charges against Eusen stating that he “will be the key witness to testify against Muvevi in the murder of Round”.

Eusen appeared before Harare magistrate, Dennis Mangosi on Tuesday and is expected in court Wednesday as a star witness.

According to prosecutors, on November 19 at around 9:30pm, Eusen was with other accomplices, when they allegedly murdered Round in Harare’s Eastlea suburb.

It was alleged that one of the gang members pulled out a gun and shot Round in the head, killing her instantly.

In the case outline against Muvevi, prosecutors alleged the multi-murder suspect killed Round, who was in the company of Eusen, for reasons yet to be disclosed.

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