Canada-based Zimbabwean Anglican priest sacked after engaging sangoma to kill his ex-wife

A Canada-based Anglican priest has come under-fire after he was exposed for allegedly plotting to kill his ex-wife in a dispute over custody of their two minor children.

The priest, Tapiwa Gusha, 41, a former Harare Diocese Priest now based in Canada, reportedly engaged the services of one Sekuru Zandamela to help him eliminate his ex-wife, Tsungai Sibotshiwe, 40, using juju.

The two reportedly divorced six months ago after relocating to Canada, and Tsungai has been denying him access to the children aged eight and six years.

Tapiwa was charged US$2 000 by the sangoma.

However, the sangoma decided to extort Tsungai for exposing Tapiwa’s plot to kill her and warned that she and her father would die.

In some leaked audios, Sekuru Zanda, who is reportedly from Mozambique, fumed after Tsungai refused to pay him.

Efforts to get a comment from Tapiwa were fruitless as he changed his contact details.

His wife would not comment over the issue, but a close source said:

“Tsungai posted one of her best photographs on Facebook where Sekuru Zanda got to know her. Her life is in danger from both the ex-husband and the sangoma he consulted to take her life.

“She posted one of her best photographs on social media pages before it received a number of likes, among them lustful men who ended up proposing to her. As she was deleting received messages, she discovered that Sekuru Zanda had sent a message in connection with Tapiwa’s intention to kill her.

“Sekuru told her that Tapiwa had offered him US$2 000 and if she could offer him more, then he would spare her life,” said the source.

The source said Tsungai was still shocked that Sekuru Zanda had all details about the family and issues pertaining to her separation witach Tapiwa.

“Although Tapiwa lied to the sangoma about his intention to get custody of the children, the issue is that he is not after the children, but to inherit a house she bought in Canada.

“She has become a victim of Tapiwa and Sekuru Zanda’s extortion efforts since she could not afford the money he wanted to “spare” her life.

Allegations are that the pair divorced after Tapiwa started bedding several young church members and he ended up marrying a 25-year-old church member named Gwendoline after their divorce.

Contacted for comment Sekuru Zanda described Tsungai and Tapiwa as stupid people for failing to meet his demands.

“I am aware of the matter brought to me by Tapiwa, but I cannot disclose anything more concerning the issue of my client. After all, I do not know you personally and what you will publish,” he said before demanding to know who had taken the matter to the media.

Tapiwa could not be reached for comment, but close sources confirmed that he had been sacked as a priest.

It’s reported that Tsungai is now working to get Tapiwa deported from Canada.


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