I am tired of being a witch, man confesses

A MAN from the Mambo Chipuriro area in Mudindo, Guruve, is admitting that he is a witch. He is so sick of it that he no longer desires these sinister pursuits since they are troubling his wife, kids, and other family members.

Mr. Kudzayi Ngwarati, a 56-year-old resident of Whitecliffe Village in Harare, claims a neighbour woman lured him into consuming human meat without his knowledge.

While they are eating human “fresh steak,” he claims that “it’s sometimes interesting.”

Mr. Ngwarati claims in his conversation with Kwayedza that he began having dreams in which the woman and others took him to the cemetery where they used to cast spells.

“I am a powerful witch; I am the one who opens the graves wherever we go, and wherever we go, as many as ten or more witches climb into the winnowing basket (rusero). But the driver of this rusero is an elderly woman who lives nearby; she is the finest at running it “Mr. Ngwarati explains.

He claimed that he is so affected by witchcraft that he has no idea why he performs it.

“Witchcraft spirit possesses one without knowing it as I do. But as male and female witches, we work alone and it doesn’t matter if a person is married or not.

“As for me, I practice witchcraft with many women, including my neighbour,” she says.

Mr Ngwarati says his wife, Mrs Ivy Muvezwa (56), is the one who exposed his witchcraft after she stumbled upon strange artifacts in their house.

“Some of our accomplices killed a child and then followed where the child’s body was buried in Macheke from Whitecliffe. We spent a few seconds in the rusero driven by the woman I mentioned earlier.

“When we got there, we opened the grave and started to eat the flesh of this child’s corpse, we made noises like crows do when they eat meat. I like boneless beef or human steak.”

Mr Ngwarati says that when they finished, they boarded the winnowing basket and returned to Harare shortly.

He says that the body of the child they ate in Macheke had died in South Africa after being bewitched by his mother.

He is said to have died after drowning while fishing with others, and his body was later buried in Macheke.

“I’m a master at causing people’s deaths, I don’t miss, you just die. I am the one who is given juju by other witches,” says this man.

He says that he and his companions go underwater and perform witchcraft.

“I no longer want this, let them wean me and leave me, I can’t get along with my family because of witchcraft. Human flesh is not good, it is tasteless, I don’t know why we like it because it cannot be compared to beef or chicken.

Mr Ngwarati says he is tired of being a witch.

“Think of it, I wasn’t allowed to touch money at night as it exposes my evil work”,

The problem tarted when I slept with my wife who was having problems with her privates. We went to hospital but she wasn’t diagnosed with anything.

“My wife and family consulted spiritualists and were told that I am a witch and that I was the one causing her troubles. I don’t deny it because I need help,” he said.

He says that they drain blood from the corpses and keep it in caves where they then drink it at agreed times with other witches.

“We have blood from corpses that we keep in caves and we drink at agreed times. The problem is now my wife was now sick and she was supposed to die since it is now my turn to eat her flesh since I ate my accomplices’ relatives. If it wasn’t for my wife, no one would have known that I am a witch.”

Mr Ngwarati has urged people not to indulge in witchcraft.

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