Drama as housegirl falls pregnant from employer, starts tormenting boss’ wife

Most polygam0us families have distinct household problems, usually stemming from jeal0us co-wives.

Due to this jealous, two Mutasa women who are in a polygam0us mɑrriɑge are at each other’s throats, resulting in the senior wife applying for a protection order against her husband’s second wife.

The junior wife, Linda Bonyongwa, who was once the family’s domestic worker before she was imprǝgnated by her employer’s husband, stands accused of insulting the first wife and destroying Rutendo Mudumo’s property.

She also stands accused of looting groceries from Mudumo’s Manica Bridge shop.

Mudumo approached the Mutare Civil Magistrate Court applying for a protection order against Bonyongwa.

Mudumo said Bonyongwa is disturbing her peace by insulting her over the phone and sometimes visiting her place of residence to insult and humiliate her in the presence of other people.

“Bonyongwa was our maid for five years before she was imprǝgnated by my husband. She left her employment and my husband secured her alternative accommodation. My husband would visit her occasionally until he formalised their union, with Bonyongwa becoming his second official wife.

“After that, Bonyongwa started calling me over the phone to insult me. She is also in the habit of visiting my shop ad taking groceries without paying. When I ask her to pay for the groceries, she refuses, saying it is our husband’s shop and that she should also benefit. She says she cannot starve when there is food in the shop,” said Mudumo.

She said it was not her first time to apply for a protection order against Bonyongwa.

“I have been in this court before applying for protection orders against Bonyongwa. She abides by the protection orders, but starts harassing me again as soon as they lapse. I am pleading with this court to stop her from coming to my shop to take my groceries, harass and insult me. She should also not disturb my peace. If she wants her own shop, then our husband should open one for her,” said Mudumo.

Bonyongwa defaulted the court hearing and a default protection order was granted in Mudumo’s favour by Mutare magistrate, Mr Xavier Chipato.

The protection order is valid for five years and Bonyongwa was ordered not to insult, harass and disturb Mudumo’s peace.

The order also bars her from going to the Mberi shop at Manica Bridge which belongs to Mudumo.

— Manica Post

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