Drama in court as man reveals why he married a second wife

A MARONDERA man told the Harare Civil Court that he had decided to mɑrry a second wife because his first wife was disrespectful.

Tinevimbo Sibanda revealed this while opposing a protection order application his first wife, Kimberly Sibanda, made against him on allegations of physical and verbal abuse.

Kimberly failed in her bid to obtain the protection order after failing to convince magistrate Tamara Chibindi that she was a victim of physical and verbal abuse.

“Your Worship, he brought another woman into my house and she is using my property because she came with nothing.

“She has a tendency of calling me a pr0stitute, hameno kuti ini naye hurǝ ndiani nekuti ndiye akauya pamurume wemunhu.

“My children no longer have peace because of that woman,” said Kimberly.

Tinevimbo said Kimberly was very disrespectful.

“Your Worship, my wife is a disrespectful woman that is why I chose to take another woman.

“She provokes me almost every day so that I retaliate. I always reprimand her, but she doesn’t listen,” he said.

— HMetro

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