Women fight over hubby

Two Harare women were at each other’s throats over a man at the Harare Civil Court yesterday.
Pamela Jabulani applied for a protection order against Petronella Habeza, accusing her of snatching her husband.
She told the court that Petronella was also threatening to stab her to death with a knife.
Magistrate Tamara Chibindi granted the application.
“She says I snatched her husband, but they separated two years ago and he moved on before marrying me.
“She tried killing her children and my husband before I was given custody of the children, now she comes to my place of residence trying to take the children by force,” said Pamela.
Pamela said, she is now living in fear as Petronella is threatening to kill her.
“She threatened to cut me up with a knife the day she claimed maintenance from my husband.
“She went to South Africa, but threatened to send people to kill me, saying there will be no link to her since she will be out of the country.
“Her sister is a police officer and I am no longer feeling safe because she might do something to me as she still sends threatening audio messages.”
Petronella was ordered not to threaten or go to Pamela’s place of residence.

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