Four wives, 16 children….man wants each child to get Z$20 000

Faudrey Mawana (left) and Ferry Mandizha

A HARARE man shocked the gallery at the Harare Civil Court yesterday when he revealed that he has four wives and 16 children.

Ferry Mawana applied for a downward variation in maintenance, saying the money one of his wives Faudrey Mandizha is asking for child support is too much considering his salary and that he has many children.

Magistrate Ayanda Dhlamini granted his application

“I am in the business of recycling and realise US$250. I have four wives and 16 children, so l am begging the court to reduce the money l am paying from  $40 000 to $20 000 or $25 000 for each child.

“She believes I have a lot of fixed assets, which I don’t. I also wish to have access to the child so that she gets to know her other siblings. She can only come on holidays when my other children are around because some are at boarding school. I have been paying fees for all my children and I will continue doing so,” he said.

However, Faudrey opposed the application.

“If I agree I will be the one who ends up suffering because l am the one who will do the most.”

Magistrate Dhlamini reduced the money from $40 000 to $30 000 per child.




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