Man Demands US$163 000 From Sidechick After Paying Maintenance For Another Man’s Child For 11 Years

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A Zimbabwe man has sued his former side chick at the High Court, demanding that she pay back the US$163 000 (approximately R2.7 million) he paid in maintenance over an 11-year period. The man was shocked when he learned that he had been supporting another man’s child for 11 years through maintenance payments.

Dr Roger Kruger Hendrick Chigangacha, a prominent pathologist based in Bulawayo, filed the lawsuit after calculating all the money he had paid in child support over the past 11 years.

Dr Chigangacha is suing his former sidechick, Natasha Popova Sibanda, for falsely claiming maintenance from him after lying that he was the father of her child.

Sibanda, a former actress, previously starred in the TV drama Amakorokoza as AK’s wife.

According to Dr Chigangacha, he had an extramarital relationship with Sibanda From 2011 to June 2012. During this time, the two indulged in intercourse, and the baby was born to Sibanda on May 20, 2012.

According to lifestyle tabloid B-Metro, in his summons filed at the High Court, Dr Chigangacha said:

“On December 19 2022, and through DNA profiling carried out on me and the minor child, the profile results conclusively excluded me as being the biological father of the child. It was reasonably foreseeable or ought to have been foreseen by the defendant that her promiscuous behaviour at the time of conception would have resulted in me being falsely imputed fatherhood of the child.”

The Zimbabwe man argued that his former lover, Sibanda, deceitfully passed off her daughter as his.

“By reason of the defendant’s conduct, I acted on her misrepresentation and paid for all the educational requirements of the child up to December 31, 2022.

“I have also expended some money in respect of travels and costs towards the general welfare and upkeep of the minor child.”

The good doctor is requesting that the High Court order Sibanda to pay him US$100,000 (R1.7 million) for her false and dishonest attribution of the child’s paternity to him.

Additionally, he requests that the court order the former actress to pay back the child’s upkeep bills, incidental expenditures, and extra damages in the amount of $63,000 (R1 million).

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