Zimbabwean Slay Queen Bemoans Young Girls Flooding Her DMs For Hookups With Blessers

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Popular social media personality Plaxedes Doobae has taken to Instagram bemoaning how girls have been flooding her DMs asking her to hook them up with rich men.

In an Instagram story, Doobae called out these women for laziness and told them to work hard towards achieving their wishes.

This generation is so lazy. Always DMs “auntie help me find a rich boyfriend.” Help me make money. Excuse me, so some of us must work and research and break our backs to gain what we have, then give it all to others ??? This life is so easy, need information: google. Need a man: go out and find one. Align yourself with what you want. Need money: open your mind, work harder, work smarter. Can’t be coming to social media to ask other peoples children for help!
Please stop being lazy. There is no one to help you but yourself.

Doobae was last year in the headlines after she attended Rick Ross’ maiden performance in the country dressed in a Zodwa Wabantu-inspired outfit.

The socialite became the topic of discussion when prominent journalist Blessed Mhlanga shared her pictures on his Twitter account.

The NewsDay journalist posted the socialite’s pictures with the caption, “Underwear is overrated #RickRossInZimbabwe“.

This is the outfit;

Rick Ross Concert Red Carpet @plaxedes_doobae pic.twitter.com/yaY06TPUYv

— Zimbuzz 🇿🇼 (@thezimbuzz) November 18, 2022

Initially, she came into the limelight after a malicious rumour that she had cheated on her now ex-husband Hastings Rwizi.

Reports said she was dumped after one of the members of her roora/lobola squad, during a game of truth or dare, told her husband that the child he was taking care of as his was in fact someone else’s.

Doobae denied the allegations and was vindicated by DNA test results which proved that Hastings was indeed the biological father of the child. However, the two went their separate ways.

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