Stonyeni loving brother beds all his sisters

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A Zimunya man who had a sexual relationship with his biological sisters was recently exposed after a child conceived during one of the incestuous relationships demanded to know his father.

Alice Matasva and her brother, Zuva Matasva, who is long dead have a son, Nicholas Matasva (not real name), who is now in his 30s.

The Manica Post reports that Nicholas claimed he started suspecting that one of his uncles was his father after consulting prophets and traditional healers due to some unexplainable problems he was facing in his life.

He recently dragged his mother (Alice Matasva), and her brothers, Crispen Chirara, Newton Matasva, Shupai Matasva, Denfer Matasva and William Matasva to Headman Chigodora’s court. He said:

I visited spiritual healers and was told that the challenges I am encountering in life are a result of the secrecy behind the identity of my father.

I approached my mother and asked her to explain to me my true identity, but she refused.

That is when the spiritual healers told me that my late uncle was my biological father and that my mother had an affair with him.

My mother remained adamant about not revealing the truth, but it seemed as if the whole family knew about it.

My aunt once confessed that it was common knowledge that my uncle slept with all his sisters.

At Headman Chigodora’s court, Alice Matasva then confessed that her brother was the father of her son. Alice said:

It is true that I slept with my brother some years ago. I was so young and did not know whether it was appropriate or not.

However, I once tried to tell my elder sisters and they told me that it was normal as our brother was also sleeping with them.

My mother condoned it and so I thought it was normal. However, I hid it from my son all these years because I knew it would haunt him.

Newton, however, said he did not know that his brother slept with their sisters. He said:

We have all been waiting for the truth to come out because Nicholas once threatened to shoot us before killing himself.

He is a trained person and we were afraid that he would act on his word if his mother failed to tell him the truth.

We are glad that the cat is now out of the bag, even though it is a bitter pill for us to swallow.

Headman Chigodora said there is a need for DNA tests to be conducted within the Matasva family as there was a high probability Zuva had impregnated his other sisters. Said Headman Chigodora.

If the family gives us the nod, we want to conduct DNA tests within the family because most of the Matasva sisters had children out of wedlock.

If it is true that he was sleeping with all his sisters, then he could have sired a number of children with them. We need to find out the truth.

The matter appeared before Chief Zimunya’s court last Sunday where Alice admitted that her brother impregnated her.

The community court adjourned the matter to 5 March

Meanwhile, Headman Chigodora’s court fined the elderly Alice three beasts for makunakuna (incest).

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