Rainbow Netball League Kicks Off

By Lloyd Mwale in Kadoma

The domestic 2023 Rainbow Netball League kicked off last week with six venues hosting the opening fixtures in a bubble format type of matches.

The netball league has introduced a bubble format fixtures which will see three clubs battling out in each venue every week across the country.

In the first week bubble format fixture played at Patchway Mine (Kadoma), Golden Valley hosted Delta Transport Queens. Bulawayo’s Goldreef failed to pitch up for the league’s opening fixture and their two games were awarded to Golden Valley and Delta Transport Queens on 25 goals each respectively.

Lauren Munjoma of Delta Transport Queens was the Golden Hand helping her club past the host 21-39 and the host Centre, Vannesa Muhenye was the Best Player at the only match played in Kadoma.

At Morris (Mkushi) Bubble, Glow Petroleum walloped Hi-flyers 104 – 03 but faced resistance from Mambas but still managed a 49-43 victory. Hi-flyers were saved from further humiliation at the hands of Mambas after their match was postponed due to incessant rains.

Christine Kadandara of Glow Petroleum was the Golden Hand after notching 96 goals against lightweight Hi-flyers in probably what was a one-sided game.

Results from other venues
Chitungwiza Bubble
Agape 20 Khami 49
Correctional 72 Khami 23
Correctional 77 Agape 18

Shamva Mine Bubble
Shamva Mine 31 Ruwa 39
Support Unit 51 Ruwa 25
Shamva 28 Support Unit 46

Farm Prison Bubble
Tenax 54 Mthala 26
Tenax 56 Jinjika 18
Mthala 44 Jinjika 31

Morris Bubble
Mamas 43 Glow Petroleum 49
Glow Petroleum 104 Hi-flyers 03
Mambas-Hi-flyers (game postponed due
to the rains)

Shamva Urban Bubble
Shamva 51 Lusumbani 39
Shamva Urban 56 Belvedere 38
Lusumbani 54 Belvedere 42

Patchway Mine Bubble
Golden Valley 21 Delta Transport Queens 39
Golden Valley 25 Goldreef 0
Delta Transport Queens 25 Goldreef 0

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