CCC holding underground campaigns, claims moves to counter political violence

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CITIZENS Coalition for Change (CCC) says it has resorted to undisclosed campaigns and mobilisations ostensibly to protect the electorate from political violence.

This follows a series of events where violence was targeted at its members allegedly from governing party, Zanu PF members, in rural areas ahead of general elections to be held between July and August.

Addressing the media in Harare, CCC interim deputy spokesperson Ostallos Siziba said the opposition has put in place measures to counter political violence in rural areas where it says its footprint is growing.

“We know that our opponents are very scared. You saw that a few days ago one of their stalwarts was actually motivating their members in Zanu Pf that we must steal the alternative’s identity documents.

“It shows a regime that is in panic, a regime that is desperate and we are putting more pressure towards a democratic breakthrough and we know that Zanu Pf has unleashed its last tool on the shelf which is the tool of violence.

“They want to win on the margin of terror and we are going to make sure that one we protect our members, we protect our members of the community through the envelope of peace and making sure that Zimbabwe walks towards a democratic breakthrough,” said Siziba.

Last month CCC members in Murewa were allegedly assaulted by Zanu PF supporters in a video that went viral. The suspect was later nabbed by police.

Violence has been predicted to escalate as the country marches towards elections despite calls by political players including President Emmerson Mnangagwa for peaceful polls.

In January, 26 members of CCC were arrested by police for converging in an unsanctioned event at their member of parliament’s house in Budiriro, Harare.

“We made it very clear last year that the focus is on rural areas. Our focus is on the countryside but we are conscious of the challenges that might face our people in the rural areas that is why you do not see ourselves publicising much of our work because we think that we must not put our people at risk and we must make sure we protect rural communities from a trigger happy regime,” added Siziba.
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