Mother Of Five Shakes Up Zimbabwe: Yesteryear Gospel Musician Ivy Kombo-Kasi Inspires With Career Switch

Yesteryear gospel musician Ivy Kombo-Kasi has left Zimbabweans inspired after officially announcing an unusual career switch.

The veteran gospel musician known for hits such as Handidzokere Shure and Huya Tifambe naJesu announced that she and her husband Pastor Admire Kasi are now legally able to practice as lawyers in Zimbabwe.

Kombo-Kasi is the holder of LLB Law and LLM International Commercial Law degrees from the University of Bedfordshire in the United Kingdom. Her husband holds a Master’s Degree in Law from the University of Buckingham (UK).

Speaking after being sworn in before Justice Never Katiyo, Ivy Kombo-Kasi addressed her followers in a video. She encouraged her followers saying it is never too late for a career change.

The yesteryear gospel musician said as a mother of five she is ecstatic about her career change. She said:

We are really grateful to become lawyers and to be serving the country. So guys you need to understand that it’s never too late. You can achieve it, you can make it. Me being a mother of five, here I am, a career changer.

Speaking to The Herald, Ivy Kombo-Kasi said she was not abandoning her career as a musician. She said music is in her and she will never stop singing.

“You have to understand that music is a talent and when you study Law and everything…, it is more like self-investment. Nobody can take that away from you. Music is in me and I will not stop singing,” she told the publication.

Taking to the comment section, Facebook users congratulated the couple for following their dreams. Below are some of the comments:

Moses Paso:

This is really motivational,it’s never too late to follow your dreams.congrats!

Ropafadzo Kunze:

Congratulations to the two counsel. Welcome to the bar

Portia Muzite:

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Kasi

By Vincent Masikati

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