Harare’s Puma Charter Road Service Station now accepts EcoCash payments to buy fuel

Motorists in and around Harare’s central business district can now buy fuel using EcoCash at Puma Service Station at the corner of Charter Road and Mbuya Nehanda Street.
“We now do EcoCash USD transactions. Send money. Cash-In and Cash-out. Buy fuel using your USD EcoCash,” said Puma in a notice to customers.
The latest development comes at a time the use of US dollars in the country has gone up because of increasing foreign currency inflows into the country.
Statistics from the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe shows that foreign currency deposits in banks accounted for 64.24 percent of total deposits as at 31 December 2022 while diaspora remittances amounting to over US$1.6 billion where recorded by the end of last year.
EcoCash has recently reported an increase in the use of its EcoCash USD wallet as customers use for a variety of transactions, including sending money to family and friends, buying airtime, paying for goods and services and much more.
There has also been a growing use by customers of the EcoCash USD wallet to pay for services such as Nexflix and DSTV, among other routine monthly expenses.

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