Robert Mugabe Junior Freed To ‘Negotiate’

Robert Mugabe (Junior) walked free after a brief appearance at the Harare Magistrates Court Monday.

Zimbabweans closely followed the proceedings with curiosity over the outcome a day before National Youth Day, a day set aside to honour his father’s birthday.

Surprisingly, Mugabe did not appear before any magistrate. Instead, he was later seen leaving the court premises in the company of his lawyer Ashiel Mugiya.

Mugiya told the media that Mugabe’s charges had not been dropped but had been afforded the opportunity to go and negotiate with the complainant.

“No, charges were not withdrawn. The state decided to give parties the opportunity to negotiate,” he said.

Mugabe was dragged to court facing
allegations of destroying a car and property belonging to his friend Nkatazo Sindiso (31) at a party in Harare’s Strathaven suburb over the weekend.

The damages, valued at US$12 000, got him arrested on Sunday after Sindiso made a police report at Avondale police station.

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