15 Pastors Conferred With Divinity Doctorates


By Lloyd Mwale in Kadoma

Fifteen pastors from Zimbabwe, Malawi and Botswana were recently conferred with an Honorary Doctorate in Divinity at a colorful event held in Kadoma, Zimbabwe.

The 15, among them two female pastors, recieved the honours from Miracle Evangelism Bible College based in Mpumalanga, South Africa.

Addressing the event, Guest of Honour, Dr Langton Mabhanga implored the newly-conferred doctors to be like Jesus Christ,who was commissioned by God to save humanity.

“Today marks the occassion where you, pastors from various denominations, are being commissioned not conferred with a doctorate in divinity.¬† Your commissioning with a divinity doctorate is just like what happened to Jesus Christ millions of years ago.

“Jesus followed his father’s order, and you today you must follow God’s orders to save humanity from the evil forces.

“Today’s commissioning is not only for your denominations; it must be for the whole community, the whole town and the whole world and you must provide solutions for people within the communities,’ said Dr Mabhanga.

Dr Mabhanga also urged the newly-commissioned doctors to take the fight against  drugs abuse that has become rampant in their respective countries.

“This is not the time to pray with your hands on the heads but to come up with solution on how you will fight drug abuse by mainly youths within the communities. Drugs are killing these minors and its your duty as community leaders to join hands in the fight against the scourge.

“As doctors you are called on to proffer solutions to life challenges so go into those communities and lead them to the promised land,” urged Dr Mabhanga.

Some recipients of the divinity doctorate were elated to have been conferred with the degree.

“Being conferred with the degree is a challenge to me that I should not be a pulpit-degreed pastor but to be a problem-solver in marriages, fight against the drug menace and eventually be a national asset bringing solutions for life’s challenges. It is an honour God has accorded me so I will utilise it in tackling human problems,” said Dr George Dhliwayo, of Great Restoration International Ministries, one of the commissioned pastors.

A Good News Ministries (Harare) female pastor, Dr Tinaye Bvumbe could not hide her joy after being conferred with the degree.

“I cannot hide my joy after being conferred with the degree; this doctorate degree has opened my eyes to pursue issues that exclude women progress in facilities of life. I challenge other women to pursue higher education as education has no age limit,” said Dr Bvumbe.

Another female pastor, Botswana-based Dr Mary Bagaya said she will use her newly-acquired skills for the good of the Botswana community.

“The degree skills has taught me to raise the church administration and I will apply it in areas of communications, counselling, community development and humanitarian issues. I encourage everyone out there to stand up and push themselves to attain higher education so as to understand life better,” said Dr Bagaya of Botswana.

The colourful event was overseen by Dr Benjamin Musakanya of Zambia who was standing in for the organization’s professor and was being streamed live for the benefit of Dr John Yotamu of Malawi and thousands of others, who could not make it for the event in Zimbabwe.


Dr George Dhliwayo, centre, recieving his Divinity Doctorate from Dr Langton Mabhanga, (left), and Dr Benjamin Musakanya (right)




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  • March 1, 2023 at 2:18 pm

    Thank you for the publication, Zimbabwe needs collective effort. Drs welcome to the great work ahead of nation building.


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