No One Will Come and Save Us Except Ourselves – DUZ President

Democratic Union of Zimbabwe on Saturday marked the start of their election campaign in Harare at Harare Agricultural Show which was attended by multitudes of party supporters.

DUZ president Robert Chapman addressed party supporters who flooded Home Industry Hall at Harare Agricultural Show. The rally was attended by people from different age groups, including people living with disabilities.

“Zimbabweans have been suffering since independence, we have been being ruled by corrupt people, Zimbabweans are now tired. This is the time when hopeless and tired Zimbabweans should vote carefully for non- corrupt leaders. I will be the saviour of this great nation,” said Chapman.

“We have people here who travelled from as far as Bulawayo to attend to this very important gathering, and we have structures in all 10 provinces. I am confident of winning resoundingly in the 2023 elections.”

Chapman was born in Chinhoyi where he did his primary school education before enrolling for tertiary education abroad. He is a proud Zimbabwean who is willing to solve the problems the country is facing. He spoke about the current national scourge of drug abuse, corruption in government departments, economic decline and poverty that is affecting the nation that was once termed “the jewel of Africa” when inherited from the Ian Smith regime in 1980.

When this publication asked Mr Chapman about free, fair and peaceful 2023 elections he said, the same old people since independence wee still here.

“People should go and register in large numbers so that their voices shall be heard through the ballot ” said Chapman.

“Democratic Union of Zimbabwe is one  political party that upholds the rights of people with disabilities, as you can see here we have people with disabilities who have sacrificed their time to come and meet with their president,” said Itai Muchemwa, DUZ communications director.

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