Protect Palestinians – UN and The International Community Urged

By Desire Tshuma

The State of Palestine has called for urgent international protection for the undefended Palestinian people from unrelenting Israeli sponsored terrorism and incitement.

Television and social media is awash with the blood-letting scenes of Israeli-Jewish terrorists militia in Hurawa destroying the life of every discoverable Palestinian and burning homes, cars, trees and animals to ashes, unprecedented in scale and ferocity.

Israeli-Jewish militia groups chanted “Death to Arabs” and danced on the rubble of burned homes and the bodies of dead and injured Palestinians, all while protected by Israeli occupational forces.

The State of Palestine said the Jewish settler terrorism is state sponsored, financially, diplomatically and politically facilitated and supported by every branch of Israeli officials.

Militia groups and Israeli officials work hand-in- glove to advance the criminal declared policies since Nakba, including the Jewish supremacy, ethnic-cleansing and eventual displacement and replacement of the Palestinian people.

The Hurawa carnage comes a few weeks after Israeli officials expanded access by terrorist groups to weaponry. The State of Palestine holds Israeli officials fully responsible for settler terrorism and warns of the inevitable violent consequences, as settler militia groups are an extension of government an extension of the state not a repudiation to it.

“Nakba never ended nor has Israel’s brutality, terrorism and systematic displacement of the Palestinian people.The Palestinians of Huwara today live the horrors their ancestors faced 75 years ago,” said The State of Palestine.

“Israeli settler violence persists and is aimed to percecute the Palestinian people into submission. Empty condemnations and expressions of concerns will not protect the undefended Palestinian people from Israel’s racial terrorism.The UN Secretary General must immediately provide protection for the Palestinian people and International Community must without any delays hold Israel and Israeli officials accountable for their crimes.”The United Nations and UN Secretary General have a duty to immediately act to provide protection for the Palestinian people.Empty condemnations and expressions of concerns will not protect the Palestinians from Israel’s racial terrorism,” it said.

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