Palestine Embassy Focuses On Implementing Projects In Zimbabwe

By Desire Tshuma

Zimbabwe-Palestine solidarity is taking another level as the latter is looking forward to implement projects in Zimbabwe which will enhance locals’ standards and of living.

Speaking to The Observer publication on Friday, Palestine Ambassador Dr Tamer Almassri said The State of Palestine is happy with the solidarity support which Zimbabwe is giving to the Palestinians.

“Last week I presented my credentials to the SADC Secretary General Mr Magosi and we are happy to work hand-in-glove with all SADC member states.

“Zimbabwe is the first SADC country to embrace The State of Palestine after it got independence and we shall start implementing projects which will enhance the standards of living for the people of Zimbabwe,” said Ambassador Dr Tamer Almassri.

“Palestine and Zimbabwe are having similar challenges; the West gave Zimbabwe illegal economic sanctions due to the fact that they reclaimed their land from the former colonizers and Palestine is being attacked and infiltrated by Israeli occupational forces,” said Ambassador Almassri.

He commended the Zimbabwe government in how it dealt with the COVID-19 pandemic. Zimbabweans were provided free COVID-19 vaccinations and the pandemic was controlled effectively.

He finally spoke about elections in Zimbabwe and also commended the Zanu PF government for its advanced leadership and saying “clear and best elections are done in Zimbabwe compared to what happens to other countries even to the Western countries”.

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