From Billionaire to Baby Daddy: Patrice Motsepe Rumoured To Be The Father of Gomora Star Katlego Danke’s Child

South African billionaire Patrice Motsepe is rumoured to be the father of Gomora actress Katlego Danke’s child, reports suggest.

The South African snooped in on a scoop that revealed that the former Generations star and the Mamelodi Sundowns owner have an offspring together. The publication added that the child alleged to be Patrice Motsepe’s must be the one Katlego birthed in 2014.

Katlego and Motsepe once had a business relationship that most people misconstrued as a relationship on social media.

Patrice Motsepe Katlego Danke’s
Patrice Motsepe Rumoured To Be The Father of Gomora Star Katlego Danke’s Child [Image: BusinesLIVE/Instagram/ Katlego Danke]
Both Motsepe and Katlego have not reacted to the rumour, which is raging online. Katlego is very protective of her private life, and she might just let Mzansi speculate as she focuses on her baby bump.

In July 2022, Daily Sun reported that the actress was expecting her second child, and the bump was incorporated into her storyline on Gomora. A source revealed:

“She has only informed a few people, including the producers so that they could incorporate her pregnancy into her script. By now, viewers might have noticed unexplained mood swings from Thathi. She’s been acting strange and throwing tantrums. This is not a coincidence. The writers are trying to introduce Thathi’s new storyline.”

On her Instagram account, Katlego Danke never told her fans that she was expecting her baby. The father of her unborn child is still a mystery.

Social media users were thrilled by the juicy tea that billionaire Patrice Motsepe could be the father of Katlego Danke’s child.


“This woman needs to be a speaker at our conference.”


“She can even stop being an actress sorted for life.”


“So Motsepe doesn’t use protection! I’ll love to see his wife’s face now! Hhmmm.”


“SA men can’t live without their sides. They can’t even breathe. Vumani booooooooo.”


“At least the baby is gonna play for Sundowns ✌️✌️.”

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