“Dubious” Harare Employment Agency Which Makes Job Seekers Run 25km As Part Of Job Interview

A recruitment agency in Harare, Zimbabwe, is under fire for its alleged dubious job interview process that requires job seekers to run 25 kilometres as part of the selection process.

The agency, M&J Consultancy, reportedly asks applicants to run from their office along Samora Machel in Eastlea to Chitungwiza flyover and take a picture as evidence of their completion of the run. If successful, the applicant is guaranteed a job.

According to social media users who have encountered M&J Consultancy, the agency employs this selection method when they receive a large number of applicants for a job vacancy. They make candidates run the distance regardless of the type of job they have applied for.

Jerrymore Nyazungu, the head of M&J Consultancy, is reportedly behind the consultancy.

Social media users have criticized the agency for subjecting job seekers to such strenuous physical activities as part of a job interview.

One Twitter user, Mararavungu, brought the matter to the attention of the public on Monday 6th of March, and other users quickly confirmed that it was true.

The agency’s unorthodox method has generated a lot of backlash and calls for the government to investigate the agency’s recruitment practices.

In addition to M&J Consultancy, another unnamed recruitment agency is said to be involved in a similar operation, charging employers $100 per month for every employee they place. BancABC is reportedly one of the companies that frequently uses this recruitment agency.

Job seekers have expressed their disappointment with such recruitment practices, which they describe as exploitative and discriminatory. Many have called for a review of the recruitment process to ensure that candidates are not subjected to unreasonable demands during job interviews.

The agency’s alleged method of selection has been described as exploitative and discriminatory, prompting calls for government intervention. Such practices highlight the need for fair and transparent recruitment processes to protect job seekers’ rights.

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