DUZ Celebrates International Women’s Day

By Desire Tshuma

Democratic Union of Zimbabwe Women’s Wing yesterday joined the International Women’s Day celebrations which is celebrated worldwide on 8 March every year.

The day recognizes the cultural, political and socioeconomic achievements made by women in various spheres.It is an imperative occasion for all involved in the fight for equity and gender equality .The theme for this year is dubbed as ‘Embracing Equality’.

“As Democratic Union of Zimbabwe (DUZ) Lady Democrats, we embrace and support efforts made by women in the political space. We note remarkable strides for women in the political circle as they have fought for equality and equality evidenced by the legal practice in Women’s Quota system that affords women a chance to participate in legislative processes,” said Charity Chakanyuka (pictured), chairperson of women’s wing in DUZ.

She said as DUZ they celebrate the women’s efforts by enshrining their participation as a constitutional right to equally participate in politics for fair and equal conversations that bring about development, access to education, health, resource and decision making at every level.

“Milestone of work still need to be achieved for women to have a foundation of peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world . Progress in many areas including time spent in care work, domestic work and decision making regarding sexual health and productive women’s services are poorly funded and had faced disruptions”explained Charity.

Democratic Union of Zimbabwe communications director Mr Muchemwa said as DUZ is joining the rest of the world in celebrating the Women’s Day, they call upon peace to all political parties as the nation is heading towards harmonized elections.

“Historical our elections have been marred by inter and intra party violence as DUZ we urge all political parties to desist from political violence,” said Mr Muchemwa, Communications director for DUZ.

Violence against women remains an ugly war and despite women’s leadership in responding to various spheres in the society. There is still trailing of men enforcing and making positions that women are capable of holding and deserve .

“We desire a realistic inclusion of women in policy formulation and and subsequent participation to catalyse progress including the promotion of laws , policies, budgets and institutions that advance gender equality,” concluded Charity.

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  • March 9, 2023 at 4:58 pm

    May the DUZ continue to uphold the values of the woman as we celebrate woman you’re the next government


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