Teenager Caged For Drugging, Raping Mentally Challenged Woman

A 19-year-old Kadoma man was arrested for allegedly drugging and raping a 27-year-old mentally challenged woman.

For the crime, Prince Muporoni is currently detained awaiting court appearance.

According to police, Muporoni allegedly committed the crime 13 March this year in a flat near Romney Park shops in the Mashonaland West town.

It is reported that on the 12th of March at around 3pm, the woman was tasked to water the loan to a family home by her mother.

Instead of performing the task, the woman left home unannounced only to return the next day.

After being quizzed over where she spent the night, the woman disclosed she was offered some accommodation by Mupoperi in his brother’s house.

She further said she was offered some alcohol until she got drunk.

Mupoperi is said to have taken advantage of the woman’s drunken mood to rape her several times.

The following morning at 7am, Muporoni allegedly took the woman to the shops where he had picked her before.

The woman was later picked up by her friend who took her home to narrate her experience to her mother leading to Muporoni’s arrest.

Following the alleged rape, police encouraged women to be wiser when dealing with male companions some of whom could be harbouring sinister intentions.

Police also urged male sex predators to desist from taking advantage of people with forms of disabilities which make them vulnerable to abuse. *ZimLive*

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