From Tears to Cheers: The Incredible Tale Of Ghana’s Viral Crying Laughing Boy

His video and its pictures have become global memes that have left people crackling with laughter and throwing jests at each other.

However, seven-year-old Albert Ofosu Nketia might even be too young to understand the fame he has amassed. Life is still going typically, besides the sudden interest and visits from the media.

In the viral video, little Albert was captured sobbing, and in a few seconds, he burst out laughing with tears streaming down his cheeks while the person recording him couldn’t help but chuckle too.

Oheneba Media from Ghana tracked the little boy and sat with him and his mother, Rosina, to explain what happened on the day that heralded the start of Albert’s viral social media fame.

Apparently, Albert wanted yam, but his mother prepared plantain for him, and this got him emotional.

“It was a Saturday, and he said he wanted to eat yam. I was washing at the time, and I didn’t have any at home, so I didn’t know if to stop and go to the market to get some. But I had unripe plantain at the time, so I cooked it for him.

“When he saw the stew and remembered how well it would have gone down with boiled yam rather than the plantain, he started crying.

“In the beginning, we convinced him to eat it, and when he ate it till it was left with two fingers, his grandmother asked him, ‘so you ate this plantain’ then he started crying again. In an effort to make him stop crying, Nana (his grandmother) started singing a funny song for him, and then the laughter came in in the process till it stopped.”

How Albert Nketia Went Viral
An uncle recorded Albert Nketia to send the video to his father. They all never intended for it to blow up.

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