Palestine Condemns Israel’s Continued Provocation

By Desire Tshuma

The continued provocation and aggression by Israeli occupational forces against the worshippers and the sanctity of Holy Sites in Jerusalem particularly in and around AL-Haram Al-Sharif has been condemned by the State of Palestine.

Israeli occupying force’s aggression during the holiest month of the year is in grave violation of historical, legal and political status quo of Jerusalem, and is not called for, according to the Palestine Embassy in Harare.
Israeli occupying forces also unlawfully detained worshippers and invaded Jewish settlers in AL-Haram Al-Sharif under the protection of Israeli occupying forces.

“Israel the occupying power, is not committed as it falsely claims to either bring about calm in Jerusalem or to guarantee the freedom of religion and worship for all. It is willfully and desperately provoking Muslim worshippers during the holy month of Ramadan and is imposing additional impunitive restrictions. The State of Palestine holds Israel fully responsible for dangerous repercussions of its violations on regional and international peace and security,” said Ambassador Dr Tamer Almassri.

“AL-Haram Al-Sharif is a place of Muslim worship, protected and preserved by the historic and internationally-recognized status quo and other sole authority of the Islamic Waqf and the custodianship of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Israel is an occupying power and has no rightful claim or sovereignty over any part of Jerusalem including its holy sites. Worshippers have the right to pray in and around AL-Haram Al-Sharif whenever and in accordance with Islamic practices,” added Ambassador Dr Almassri.

According to the Embassy of the State of Palestine, Israel’s militarisation and attempt to upend hundreds of years of Islamic traditions is clearly aimed at spatial and temporary division of Al-Haram Al-Sharif to impose its control.

The Embassy of the State of Palestine concluded by saying Israel’s criminalization of Ramadan celebrations, social and cultural assemblies in Jerusalem is an attack of Palestinian polity and existence.

“Therefore we call on the international community to ensure that Israel occupying powers adheres to its obligations under the International Law,” said Ambassador Dr Almassri.

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