Mai Denzel opens up about herself

Mai Denzel, who was involved in a major scandal earlier this year, sat down for an exclusive interview with award-winning Star FM presenter DJ Ollah 7 on Wednesday.

The scandal involved the exposure of her adulterous relationship with a disgruntled ex-boyfriend who had the audacity to send nude pictures to her husband, causing her public embarrassment.

The scandal that rocked her life involved the exposure of her adulterous relationship with a disgruntled ex-boyfriend. This individual had the audacity to send nude pictures of Mai Denzel to her husband, causing her significant public embarrassment.

During the highly anticipated interview on Star FM, Mai Denzel finally had the opportunity to give her side of the story and set the record straight.

Mai Denzel Opens Up About Herself

She unequivocally dismissed the narrative that she was involved in adulterous relationships with two men. Additionally, Mai Denzel denied that the nude pictures that went viral online were of herself.

Apart from addressing the scandal, Mai Denzel also shared some exclusive facts about herself that were not previously available in the public domain.

Five Interesting Facts Mai Denzel Revealed About Herself In Star FM Interview
Here are some never-before-known facts about Mai Denzel:

Tariro Chidanyika, who goes by the name Mai Denzel, was born on February 27, 1995, which means she is currently 28 years old.

1. Mai Denzel is the second of three daughters in her family. Her older sister, Catherine Chidanyika, resides in South Africa, while her younger sister is 22 years old. Mai Denzel’s parents are both still alive.

2. Mai Denzel spent her childhood in Musvairi Village, Rushinga, located in Mount Darwin.

3. Together with her partner, Baba Denzel, Mai Denzel is a proud parent to two sons: Denzel, who is nine years old, and Dylan, who is three years old.

4. Although they have been together for thirteen years, Mai Denzel and Baba Denzel are not married in either a customary or legal sense.

5. Mai Denzel’s totem is Mhofu (Eland), which makes her a Chihera.


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