Airtime Slip helped in AKA Murder Investigation

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As AKA’s murder investigation continues to take center stage, it has emerged that an airtime slip found in the alleged getaway car helped to play a crucial role in finding AKA’s alleged killers.

Five suspects were reportedly arrested on Sunday in Cape Town in connection with AKA’s murder.

A white Mercedes-Benz believed to be the getaway car used by the killers, was caught on CCTV footage in a Durban suburb just minutes after the shooting.

According to The South African, the car was later found abandoned in a township in Durban, and during the investigation, police searched the car for clues and discovered the airtime slip belonging to one of the suspects.

Using an airtime slip found in the suspected getaway car, police were able to track down one of the hitmen’s girlfriends who ultimately led to the arrest of the alleged killers in AKA’s murder.

The South African Police Service (SAPS) reportedly arrested five suspects in connection with AKA’s murder. The first three suspects were nabbed at an ATM inside the Erica Square mall in Belhar while the other two suspects were arrested in a different part of Belhar.

Their arrest comes after a white Mercedes Benz believed to have been the getaway car was found abandoned in Umlazi township, south of Durban.

The suspects had been under surveillance for two weeks before they were arrested. They were traced to Cape Town by detectives from the Durban organized crime unit.

Further investigations led the police detectives to Belhar, where they watched the gang’s movements before arresting them.

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