Al Jazeera Part 2 Episode Uncovers Alleged Shady Gold Deals Linked to Mnangagwa, Angel And Others

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Al Jazeera has released the second edition of its five-part documentary series in which it has uncovered massive gold smuggling by a syndicate allegedly linked to President Emerson Mnangagwa, Ambassador at Large, Eubert Angel and several people, including hardcore black market traders.

In this episode titled Smoke and Mirrors, Angel is quoted as telling an alleged gold smuggler, Ricky Doolan, and undercover Al Jazeera reporters that he would fix an appointment with Mnangagwa to the tune of US$200,000.

Angel, who is said to be also a profit and referred to as a leader of the diplomatic mafia in the documentary, made his demands clean to Doolan.

He said Mr. Stanely’s money can do more than buying gold. Building a hotel would please Mnangagwa, according to Angel.

“Gold is easy, but there is nowhere to cut a ribbon. They didn’t get it! Let’s talk about gold. Number two, we talk about hotels. Why I want to talk about hotels? It’s simple. A politician wants something. So if you go there and say ‘I’ve got a physical thing I want to do also (he wants a legacy) … That’s what I’m saying’. I’m trying to say it without saying it. You are going to get more attention the moment you say ‘we want land for a hotel’.”

Angel already had a location in mind. “The town of Victoria Falls is maybe 30 meters the main street, the main street. If you think of that and we have the Seventh Wonder of the World in there and we’ve got visitors, there. When you get to Victoria Falls, what you might need is land. And that land the day we meet the president, is provided on the spot.”

He said he struck a deal for the royal family of Sharjah (United Arab Emirates. “They needed 30,000 hectares. And I got it on the spot. The president said ‘let them fly in right now. I already have land for them’.”

Doolan called the investigative team to arrange a meeting with Mnangagwa. He is quoted as saying, “right now the president is completely busy. But it can be made to happen because his time is so valuable you guys are going to have to pay a facilitation fee so that we can facilitate the meeting. It’s the only way that it can work. The facilitation fee will be $200,000.”

The reporter then asked if the facilitation fee is a donation.

Ricky Doolan said, Yes, it’s a facilitation fee … With the Number One, the president.”

It’s uncertain if they managed to meet with Mnangagwa.

Apart from Angel, some of the Zimbabweans featured in the second edition of the five-part Al Jazeera documentary series is Henrieta Rushwaya, president of the Miners Federation of Zimbabwe, Civil Aviation Authority officer Cleopa Chidodo, who claims that he has cleared many illegal deals at the southern African nation’s Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport where he works with several runners, and one of Chidodo’s ‘team’ members, Alec Yasini.

Simon Rudland, Ewan MacMillan, Mohamed Kahn, Mehluleli Dube, Fraderick Kunaka and several others also feature prominently in the second episode. VOA Zimbabwe Service was unable to reach Angel, Mnangagwa’s spokesperson, George Charamba, and others linked to the gold scandal mentioned in the documentary. Charamba has threatened that Zimbabwe will jail journalists who will cover the Al Jazeera series.

Rushwaya recently said she will comment when the documentary series is aired in full.

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