Extra-marital affair turns sour

…as married woman drags lover to court for assault

In what seems to be an extra marital affair that went wrong, a man from Renco Mine in Masvingo was dragged to court for assault, unlawful entry and theft charges by his alleged married girlfriend.
Farai Moyo (46) recently appeared before Masvingo magistrate Conceptor Ngwerume but pleaded not guilty to the assault charges laid against him.
The state case was that Moyo assaulted Nancy Chirova (34) with a wheel pump all over her body resulting in some injuries after a disagreement regarding some money.
The court heard that Chirova had previously borrowed an undisclosed amount of money from Moyo sometime in December 2022 and promised to pay it back later that same month.
Chirova failed to pay back the money until Moyo visited her place of residence on March 10, 2023 to demand his money back.
Chirova told Moyo that she did not have the money at that time before the latter asked her to get into his car so that they may drive to a secluded area and she complied.
Moyo is alleged to have driven off to a place near a Jehovah’s Witness Church, drew a wheel pump and allegedly used it to assault the complainant all over her body.
In his defense, Moyo denied the allegations and told the court that he did not assault Chirova but rather he was in a love affair with her.
Moyo told the court that on the said day, he brought the complainant some juice and they called her husband and asked for his whereabouts as a precautionary measure.
Chirova’s husband said he was not around and the two reportedly spent some time together in the accused’s car and slept until around 0400 hours in the morning.
The married woman then allegedly went and found her husband at home which led to an altercation resulting in her getting beaten by a wheel pump.
Moyo further told the court that the two had been in love since last year and it was their usual habit of spending time together when accused’s husband was not around.
Chirova denied all that was said by the Moyo and insisted that he had victimized her.
Moyo however pleaded guilty to the two other charges of unlawful entry and theft laid against him by the Chirova.
On these allegations, the State’s case was that on March 11, 2023 at around 2210 hours, Moyo went to Chirova’s house to claim his money.
He knocked on the wooden walls and asked the complainant to open the door for him but the complainant told him that her husband had locked the door from outside and went with the keys to work as he was on duty.
The accused would not have none of it, went to his car and brought an unidentified object which he used to break the padlock to gain access into the house.
Chirova sneaked out of the house and went and made a report to the police.
Police arrived at the scene and found the accused loading a television set belonging to the complainant into his car.

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