ZCPD Introduces 2023 Election Candidates

By Desire Tshuma

Zimbabwe Coalition for Peace and Development (ZCPD) yesterday converged its election 2023 candidates for Harare province in Harare.

The candidates are part of the Team Trust who will represent ZCPD in the 2023 general elections.

“We gathered our candidates so that we teach them the politics of unity, peace and development as this is the philosophy of our coalition. Our candidates are now geared up to share the philosophy with people from Harare province,” said ZCPD president Trust Chikohora.

Multitudes of ZCPD supporters convened at Harare club to interface with their representatives for the 2023 harmonized elections.

“As a coalition we shall contest using the ZCPD name. Coalition founding member parties resolved to participate in the general elections as an electorate pack of political parties bearing the name Zimbabwe Coalition for Peace and Development,” added Chikohora.

The coalition also agreed that if they win elections they shall form a Unity Government for the betterment of the country.

He further criticized some political party leaders who ask Western countries to impose sanctions on countries.

“Sanctions are affecting all of us in Zimbabwe especially the poor, but you hear a leader of a political party who wants to lead a nation going to Britain, U.S.A and other western countries asking for sanctions. We shall never betray our country and our people. We shall never tolerate anyone who wants an ordinary person to suffer so as to vote for him,” said Chikohora.

Zimbabwe Coalition for Peace and Development is composed of six political parties, namely Coalition for Democrats (CODE), People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Rebuilding Zimbabwe Party (RZP), United Democratic People’s Party (UDPP) and Straight Black Pride Zimbabwe Partnership. Other ZCPD dignitaries who were present are Dr Rev Chikanga and many others.

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