GOLD MAFIA: Zimbabweans in SA to protest at Uebert Angel’s Joburg church

ZIMBABWEANS living in South Africa will be staging a demonstration against Ambassador at Large Uebert Angel at his Johannesburg church this Friday.

This follows the broadcasting of the Al Jazeera ‘Gold Mafia’ documentary which shows the self-styled prophet as the face of gold smuggling in Zimbabwe.

Angel was secretly recorded by the international news network’s investigative unit offering to launder US$1.2 billion using the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe.

He also boastfully claimed he was the second largest diplomat in the country and could smuggle anything using his diplomatic privileges.

An invitation flier circulating on social media reads: “Call to all Zimbabweans living in the Republic of South Africa.

“Protest against the Gold Mafia, free transport at Uebert Angel’s church 1 Leeuenhof Road, Freeway Park, Boksburg, Johannesburg on 7 April 2023”.

In the docu-series, Angel also revealed that the web of gold smugglers includes Zimbabwe Miners Federation president Henrietta Rushwaya, Kamlesh Pattni and Simon Rudland.

The Qatar based news channel aired the second part of the documentary last Thursday with the third episode expected this week.

Meanwhile the government has said it is concerned with allegations raised in the documentary and has ordered relevant organs to investigate.

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