Israel’s Continuous Attack On Churches And Mosques Condemned

The embassy of the State of Palestine has again condemned the Israel police for illegal invading AL-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem ‘s old city.

The brutal attack by Israel police on Palestinian worshippers who were having an all night Ramadan prayer vigil at the Muslim holy compound using teargas and rubber bullets have been condemned in the strongest terms by the Embassy of The State of Palestine in Harare this morning. This is again another attack of Palestinian worshippers since the beginning of the year.

It is allegedly estimated that over 500 Palestinian worshippers were unlawfully arrested while they were on an all night vigil prayers. A medical team was prevented from helping suffocating worshippers and irreparable damages were done to the holy Mosque.

“This volatile international norms that call for the respect of religious sanctities and we hold Israel fully responsible for any consequences of its actions,” said Dr Tarmer Almassri.

“The Israel police removed Muslim worshippers in order to prepare the way for Jewish fanatics to storm the holy compound this morning. Such hateful and reprehensive scenes and repeated Israel violations of sanctity of the holy places fuel feelings of anger among the Palestinians and Islamic nations ” added Ambassador for Palestine Dr Tarmer Almassri.

Israel settlers and soldiers over the past months have also attacked churches and bishop worshippers in order to Judaize Jerusalem city.

“We therefore call on the progressive governments and human rights organizations to condemn and hold apartheid Israel accountable for these heinous crimes and protect our people. The State of Palestine requests United Nations Security Council to urgently device effective measures to ensure the protection of worshippers and the full respect for the historic and legal status quo at AL-Aqsa Mosque,” concluded Dr Almassri.

Palestine people vow to continue to exercise their rights to defend Jerusalem, its Mosques and churches from the ongoing Israel aggression which is meant to Judaize the city of Jerusalem.

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