Gold Mafia: Angry Zimbabweans vent on Mnangagwa’s Easter prayer

OVER a hundred people took to President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s social media handles to vent their frustrations at revelations of massive looting by those close to him, termed Gold Mafia by international broadcaster Al Jazeera.

Al Jazeera’s Investigative Unit unearthed how Mnangagwa’s niece Henrietta Rushwaya, Special Envoy to Europe and the Americas Uebert Angel, benefactors Ewan Macmillan and Simon Rudland were stripping the country of its gold while also using it to clean hundreds of millions in dirty US dollars each week.

The two-year investigation exposed Angel, who bragged about how untouchable he was, how Mnangagwa had made him the second most important diplomat and how he could launder as much as US$1.2 billion without question.

“On this solemn day of Easter Friday, we remember the sacrifice that Jesus made for us on the cross. It is a reminder of the ultimate love and compassion that can exist between us as human beings. Easter is a time to remember the sacrifice made by our Lord Jesus Christ and his unconditional love,” said Mnangagwa.

“Let us all remember to enjoy the holidays responsibly. All those who are travelling, we wish you safe travels. May this Easter Friday bring us all closer to each other and may the spirit of hope and renewal inspire us to be the best versions of ourselves.

“As we reflect today on Christ’s Resurrection, we are reminded that with faith, hope, and love – even death can be defeated. May the Lord shower you all with abundant blessings?”

Although certain sections have debated whether Angel was telling the truth and if he would have been able to launder that much, others were angered by large amounts thrown around in secretly recorded meetings while they struggled to get basics.

“Let us also remember the Gold Mafia, and their close association with your name. We remember the poor Zimbabweans, including war veterans, upon whose sacrifice and blood, our resources are looted,” said Nathan Spencer on Facebook.

“As we remember the love of our heroes, let us remember to vote you out. May this Easter Friday bring us together to agree that you are not the best person to take our country forward. May the spirit of hope and renewal inspire us to vote for Chamisa.

“As we reflect on it, may we be strengthened that no fear, intimidation or death should ever deter us from voting you out. May the courage and blessings of our Ancestors and Lord guide us as we vote you out.”

According to state-controlled Herald newspaper, Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe’s (RBZ) Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) has frozen accounts of all those implicated in the four-part documentary with the exception of Rushwaya.

Also commenting on the same post, Farai Zimuto said what AL Jazeera had revealed was that Zimbabwe was only for the elite.

“Currently Zimbabwe is not for Zimbabweans but for you and the elite who are solely benefitting from rifa renyika rwuzhinji rwuchikanga waya imi henyu vene venyika nevana venyu nemadzimai enyu muchiikokota nyika. Muve neholiday yakanaka mukuru, mukomborerwe zvikuru asi yeukai nothing lasts forever, chakaipa chozvara chakaipa, chakanaka chozvarawo chakanaka it’s not too late for you to repent and do things right,” said Zimuto.

On Twitter, the same dominated Mnangagwa’s prayer.

*Anyone supporting ED after this scandalous exposure by Gold Mania need to know that they are a beneficiary and an accomplice. Zimbabweans are crying.*

*— Anesu Muyambi (@HeavyLord06) April 7, 2023*

So far three episodes have been released with the fourth and final one expected next week Thursday to conclude Al Jazeera’s two-year-long production. _*NewZimbabwe*_

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