Marcy Janyure Fans Floods Sherwood Golf Club

By Desire Tshuma

Sherwood Golf Club was the place to be on Friday night where Marcy’s Afro Jazz enthusiasts converged to witness her first show after the long Covid -19 lockdowns.

“I launched ‘Mwanangu’ single album after Covid-19 lockdowns and I then went back to school where I was studying music at the college of music. I realized that it was very important to have broad knowledge about music as a business,” said Marcy.

“I got a lot of knowledge of managing my music career at the school of music. I can market my music using all social media platforms than depending on lives shows.”

Multitudes of Afro Jazz fans attended the show that started at 8pm at Sherwood Golf Club . Marcy and The Black Things performed till midnight.

“We are looking forward for many shows and we shall be updating our fans through our social media platforms , we are of Facebook, YouTube, Instagram to mention just a few,” concluded Marcy.

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