Journalists, Police Engage To Expose Corruption and Arrest Of Perpetrators

By Desire Tshuma

Harare Police Commanders Wednesday held interactions with journalists at Harare Central Police Station to further cement working relationships as the country heads for the 2023 harmonized elections.

Journalists and the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) in Harare Province had their first engagement on February 4 2023 that was held at ZRP Golf club which was coordinated by the Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA). Both parties, journalists and ZRP agreed on the continuous frequent interactions to create and cement good working relations and bury the hatchet.

Wednesday’s meeting was convened by Moses Matenga, the provincial chairperson for MISA Zimbabwe, Harare Chapter. As an interactive dialogue, many issues were tackled by both parties with the Harare Police Commanders being led by Assistant Commissioner operations Taonei Nyazema.

A lot of questions were asked by journalists which police command responded to clearly. Some of the questions asked included how police were prepared for the harmonized 2023 election, how the police are dealing with the scourge of drugs, armed robberies, traffic offences, how they deal with rouge police officers and inter and intra-political violences.

Responses on the questions were tabled clearly.

“We are geared for the 2023 harmonized elections. In Harare we have approximately 10 000 police officers and out of that total number, 7 000 have undergone election training and we are sure that the elections shall be done freely without any disturbances,” said Ass Comm Nyazema.

“Armed robbery cases are high in Harare as this is the capital city but as police we work with different security services and most of these armed robbers are apprehended and brought to book. We have highly-trained police details who are specialized in dealing with armed robbers and journalists have helped us through the pen and broadcast to catch these culprits,” he said.

Assistant Commissioner Nyazema also spoke about the high cases of drug smuggling and drug abuse in Harare and said police have managed to arrest 2580 drug dealers since the inception of the operation ‘No To Drugs’ on February 3. He also urged members of the media to disseminate information to the public concerning dangers of drugs and to report to the police anyone dealing or abusing drugs.

“Drug issues need a collective approach, everyone has a role to play to help eliminate this problem. These drugs are smuggled into the country from as far as Brazil, Nigeria, Malawi and recently we intercepted 21kg of cocaine on an airline that was coming from Cape Town, South Africa.

“By working together in terms of informing police and exposing these drug peddlers we can manage to eliminate the scourge,” concluded Ass Comm Nyazema.

During the dialogue, it came to light that there are some rouge police officers who set up illegal police roadblocks and take bribes, and the police commanders said the net is closing in for them and they shall face the full wrath of the law.

Superintendent Madzore, who is in charge of traffic in Harare province, spoke about traffic offences that include mushikashika and said they shall all be brought to book and they have always been arresting the offenders.

TOP PIC: (Left) Ass Nyazema, Right Ass Comm Nyahanana

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