Zimbabwe first lady’s leaked phone call in Gold Mafia documentary

Zimbabwe’s first lady Auxilia Mnangagwa’s phone call with the Ambassador, Uebert Angel, has left many questioning if she is part of the ‘Gold Mafia’.

Shocking developments have been revealed in the last episode of Al Jazeera’s documentary ‘The Gold Mafia’ episode 4. Such strong allegations and or at least possibilities that the first family might in any way be involved in such activities raise questions.

A few days ago, Auxilia Mnangagwa saw herself trending after pictures of her meeting in Belarus went viral. In the photos, the first lady held a meeting with his sons on behalf of the government. Many Zimbabweans did not like such a picture as they claimed that the first family is taking country matters as family matters.

Indeed, the possibility that the first lady is in any way involved in the ‘Gold Mafia’ fiasco is a scandal on its own. In the documentary, Uebert Angel called Auxilia, asking a few questions, and she even directed him to the President. What a connection of events that occurred; indeed, Zimbabwe’s highest offices have much to explain.

Zimbabwe first lady Gold Mafia
Zimbabwe president and first lady. Image via Instagram @presidentmnangagw

Indeed, Uebert Angel had been working on behalf of the president, and he seemed to be reporting every move he made. He also asked about the transport choice they had to use to transport the gold.

Speaking on the call, Uebert Angle asked Auxilia Mnangagwa, the first lady of Zimbabwe asking, which plane to use. In response, she asked him to talk to the President, but she emphasised that there was no problem with anything they wanted to do. Here is what Zimbabwean journalist Hopewell Chin’ono had to say following the issue:

Discredited Ambassador at Large, Angel has been shown in an explosive clip from Al Jazeera English film calling Zimbabwe’s First Lady proposing to move money using either the President’s plane or a private charter.

In the clip, the First Lady asks him to speak to the President.

Of course, this did not sit well with many Zimbabweans as they got even more furious about the situation. Indeed, in a few days, the involved offices have a lot to deal with in this rampant corruption deals that have killed Zimbabwe.

Watch Uebert Angel and Zimbabwe’s first lady leaked phone call

Indeed, the situation in Zimbabwe is becoming tense and tense as the general elections are getting closer. Having this Gold Mafia scandal involving the first lady and probably the president is the last thing they want.

Hopefully, everything is in control of the ruling Zanu-PF party that seeks to retain power. The elections are expected to be held in August, but the date has yet to be officially declared.

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