Chiefs President Sexually Assaults Married Niece

President of the Chiefs Council Of Zimbabwe, Chief Fortune Charambira has embroiled himself in a sexual assault scandal where he allegedly touched his married niece’s breasts twice after luring her to two Harare Hotels in separate incidents, Nhau/Indaba has established.

According to a leaked Police memorandum, Charumbira who is also President of the Pan African Parliament, called his teacher niece Paidamoyo Majaya (27), arranging to meet her when she arrives in Harare on March 31 this year.

Majaya who was on her way from Mutare to Amai Mugabe Secondary School in Mazowe for Secondary Schools debate competitions agreed to meet the Chiefs President.

Upon arrival in Harare, Charumbira picked his niece at around 1pm and they drove to Rainbow Tours Hotel in Harare for “a meeting and lunch in the dining hall”.

“When they were about to leave, the accused person started caressing the complainant on her breasts. He also put his hand in her dress and kissed her without her consent,” reads the memo.

Majaya turned down his physical advances before Charumbira handed her his car keys and ordered her out of the hotel.

As she walked out of the hotel, she was stopped by an unknown male adult with a badge inscribed Parliament of Zimbabwe. He allegedly asked for the car keys while informing her that he had been assigned to drive her to Amai Grace Mugabe Secondary School in Mazowe where he dropped her off.

Charumbira allegedly called her again on April 2, 2023 at around 1pm, while she was in Mazowe and ordered her to come and meet him at NSSA Building in Harare on the same day.

Using public transport, she arrived at around 2pm and met Charumbira who took her to Munomutapa Hotel in his vehicle.

When they arrived at Monomutapa Hotel, Charumbira allegedly took her cellphone and gave her his car keys before entering the hotel.

He ordered her to follow him into the hotel where they went to a lounge in the 18th floor for “talks” over what Charumbira did when they were previously at Rainbow Tours Hotel.

The meeting took about an hour in the lounge, however when she was at the door of the lounge intending to leave, Charumbira reportedly dragged her by her hand back into the lounge before caressing her breasts and kissed her without her consent.

“After that they then left the hotel. They went into Charumbira’s vehicle which was parked outside the hotel. While in the vehicle the Charumbira returned her cell phone and she began recording their conversation secretly.”

Charumbira offered to drive her back to Amai Mugabe Secondary School in Mazowe. It is alleged that, along the way, Charumbira persistently questioned her why she was refusing to kiss him before taking a swing at her again.

“As they were passing Mazowe Dam, accused inserted his left hand inside complainant’s thighs and touched her vagina over the pant. Complainant pushed his hand away,” it reads.

Charumbira then dropped her off at the school and left for Harare. At around 8pm she informed her father told her father Tamuka Majaya (58) over the phone about the incidents.

On April 14 at around 11pm she advised her husband Upenyu Collius Dirwai (39) about the incidents upon his return from South Africa. Dirwai accompanied her to ZRP Masvingo Central the next day and made a report.

Charumbira is yet to be arrested and investigations are underway under RRB number 5457646.

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