Gokwe Nembudziya people still love me – says Wadyajena after second humiliating loss in Zanu PF primaries

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GOKWE Nembudziya Member of Parliament (MP) Mayor Wadyajena who is smarting from a second round of defeat at the party’s primaries has boldly claimed people in his constituency still love him.

Wadyajena will not be in Parliament after this year’s general elections following his re-run defeat to former Cabinet Minister Flora Buka.

It was his second defeat to Buka in a month, after a contested first election in March where he polled 2180 against her 3051.

His loss on Sunday was the heaviest, managing 1822 against 5022.

“I come from Nembudziya where the people love their son and know who they want, regardless. The videos of folks kneeling and welcoming me is genuine love that you can’t coerce,” said Wadyajena.

“It’s amazing how CCC is celebrating our primaries without the slightest idea about the implications or what goes on. After all is said and done, the Party is supreme and guides every cadre. Nembudziya is a one party constituency, ZANU-PF! Now on the way home!”

Wadyajena was responding to journalist Hopewell Chin’ono who mocked him for the loss, demanding a re-run so he could lose again.

NO! We want another Re-run this weekend.

Wadyajena @JusticeMayorW haasati akwana, ngaarohwe futi!!!🤣🤣🤣

— Hopewell Chin’ono (@daddyhope) April 17, 2023

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