“I can make Angel Gabriel send you ecocash”- Prophet AJ Kainos

By Ngonidzashe Chikandiwa

Masvingo – Prophet AJ Machingura, affectionately known by his followers and in prophetic circles as “Baba Munana” – or Seer AJ Kainos – has declared being sent by God for a ‘spiritual takeover’ of Masvingo.

The charismatic founder and president of Grace Assured Ministries, claimed by his followers to move in the realm of spiritual impossibilities and who declares himself as the ‘youngest and most powerful seer’ in the land at the age of 23, has echoed sentiments of dominance in Masvingo prophetic circles.

“I am going to spiritually takeover Masvingo with the strongest movement of the prophetic miracle,” he said.

The youthful prophet boastfully claims that God has handpicked him to “spiritually cleanse Masvingo, as it has been infiltrated by the fake gospel and the few spiritually -strong prophets left in the city need leverage from ‘Baba Munana”.

The rapid growth of Grace Assured Ministries from its roots in Rimuka in Kadoma to have branches in Chiredzi, Gweru and Shurugwi and South Africa is attributed by some to the miraculous movements of the prophet. Among his alleged great miracle achievements is “speaking money into existence, through allegedly having the Angel Gabriel send his followers money through ecocash and healing any ailments”.

AJ Kainos claims he can change one’s bank balance in prayer and spiritually ‘deal’ with one’s nemesis. The youthful prophet claims many impossibilities that he has achieved in the spirit, that the logical cannot comprehend.

“I am a miracle major, a true messenger of God and my works will prove it,” he said confidently.

In Chiredzi, ardent followers claim he has already caused quite a stir and now commands a following. In Masvingo however, his ‘spiritual movement’ is yet to touchdown.

“I am coming to Masvingo to dominate, many prophets there have gone weak. I will revive the prophetic ministry in that city,” he said.

Whether delusional or truly sent, Prophet Machingura utters words confidently claiming a mission to bestow a prophetic voice in the city with spiritual authority.

“Before April ends, on the 25th I will be there at Mucheke Hall from morning to noon, sent by the Lord to spiritually deal with problems there in full force,” said ‘Baba Munana’.

They say a prophet is never welcomed in his surroundings, but if Prophet AJ Kainos’ claims of achieving spiritual impossibility are true, that could be an understatement.

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