MYSTERIOUS DEATH: Late slay queen gave child to sangoma as security for loan

A 23-year-old Glen View 7 woman died a mysterious death last week.

There are reports in her community that she was bewitched by a married woman.

Rudo Nyoka, popularly known as Yvette, died after her belly had ballooned.

Sources told H-Metro that Rudo had surrendered her three-year-old daughter to a local sangoma, for close to two months, over a US$400 debt.

The matter was kept under wraps until she was buried in Harare.

The sources said Rudo pretended as if everything was going on well by dating socialites who would not give her little money.

“She was a slay queen, but asina mari, kusvikira pakubatisa mwana kun’anga over a debt,” said a source.

She visited a sangoma who charged her US$400 and she could not pay when he started demanding his money.

“She then surrendered her daughter to the sangoma while she looked for the money.

“The family was angry and sought contributions from her friends to help bury her. That was when the whole issue came out.

“Tete vake vakapopota kuti, ‘shuwa kusiya mwana ku n’anga for two months. Hanzi akatadza kubhadhara mari yaidiwa’.”

H-Metro is in possession of an audio in which another source, who attended the funeral, said, Rudo lived a life full of lies.

“Look at her age, kubatisa mwana yet she was dating prominent guys, but she was not even given anything, she was being used.

“Live your own lives, don’t live under pressure. Anga asina chinhu, aitokumbira hembe, but vari slay. Ukaona uchishaya US$400 kusvika wanobatisa mwana.

“Vaitonzi hupenyu hwavo hwanga hwakanaka yet achishanda, apa uchidanana nevanozviti vane vemari,” said the source.

The source said things worsened when her stomach started bulging.

Some of the ladies who were at the funeral.

“She was asked why her stomach was bulging and she said she suspected that she was pregnant, but anenge anga atogadzirwa.

“So hanzi haana kutomborwara two days, akatanga kusadya, nekunyara vanhu.

“She would order people to leave when they visited her.

“She requested someone to write down her problems when she became very sick, but her friends refused and advised her to tell her mother.

“She then told them that akagadzirwa, but aiti haasi kuziva kuti nani since she said to had slept with different married men.

“She would get seriously ill with stomach pains each time she came from seeing that man, who was mentioned by name.

“Musikana aitamba nen’anga, achiedza ku-slayer slayer, but zvairamba.”

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