By Thomas Faranando

Gweru-based community media house, Matccays Vintage is set to make waves in the local film industry as the group will soon launch two films, “Chengeto season 1 and Munhope season 1.

The two films were written and directed by Tsangudzai Mateta with Kadoma and Gweru actors and actresses.

The films boast of unique style and good camera work that will be able to captivate the attention of viewers in Zimbabwe and beyond.

Chengeto season 1 received critical acclaim and has established Matccays Vintage as one of the most promising community media houses in the country.

The two films are set to take the small screen by storm, as the group has delivered. These films are featuring Gladies Moyo, Virginia Fambi (Siyoyo) Loveness Madzivadondo, Stevene Mashingaidze(Baba Fide), Costen Maketo(Nyokoto/Baba Julie), Faith Matarure, Keith Ndhlovu and also introducing Febiline Masauri and Gladys Mushandi who adds a classical touch to the film with perfect combination with the whole cast.

In an interview with this publication the producer of these films, Tsangudzai Mateta, expressed his excitement and gratitude to his fans, saying, “I can’t wait for the viewers to watch local produced films. These films are very special to us and we believe they will resonate with the viewers on a deeper level.
“We want to thank everyone who has supported us on this journey and we promise to keep producing more good films that educate as well as entertain our viewers,” said Mateta.

As the Zimbabwean film industry continues to grow, groups like Macckays Vintage are working hard towards setting new standards for what is possible. With their talents and dedication, there is no doubt that Mateta and his team will continue to make waves and cement their place as one of the top community filmmakers in the country and beyond.

The Chengeto season 1 and Munhope season 1 are set to be launched on their YouTube channel next week, Friday.

Matccays Vintage further call upon companies to market products with them as they are now doing adverts for different institutions and cooperates.

“Our mission is to work hard and create content that influence social change in the community hence we remain relevant in this field,” said Mateta.

“I urges viewers to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube as a way of supporting the growth of film industry in Zimbabwe,” he added.

Matccays Vintage has produced several films in Zimbabwe, Ghana and South Africa such as “The Avenues, Mjolo (Reason to Love) Tsepho(South Africa), Sorry”(Tanzania), Fidelis, Jemedza, Marwei just to mention a few.

They are also set to premier soon, “Hwema” a South African based series featuring Maud Vengesa, Tsangudzai Mateta, Moses Diriri, Charlene Kausiyo, Tameka Makuyana among others.

Mateta further thanked, actors like Mike Hungwe, Godfree Moyo, Partwel Mazvo and others not forgetting the master mind Steven Musowe the mentor for their hard work towards a sustainable film industry in Zimbabwe.

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