By Thomas Faranando

Muduvuri Pan-African referral hospital is meant to bring hope and life to the people of Zimbabwe.

In an interview with this publication on the sidelines of the official opening of Muduvuri Pan-African referral hospital last week, prominent businessman, Jamaya Muduvuri said that the hospital came as a Vision that required fulfilment.

“We started this initiative with the aim to compliment government’s effort to bring quality and affordable health care in Zimbabwe.

“My vision is to change people’s mindset that nation-building is not the responsibility of the government only, but every citizen has a role to play. We must build this nation brick by brick as always said by our president Cde Emerson Mnagagwa,” said Muduvuri.

A patient, Maria Dude from Buluwayo who suffered a stroke after an operation, said this initiative is in line with Vision 2030 of providing an efficient, integrated and quality health care system with priority being given to preventive care at community and household levels.

A beneficiary, from Rimuka, Tapiwa Manda said the opening of the hospital complimented government’s efforts to achieve the sustainable development Goal(SDG) 3 that focuses on ensuring healthy lives and promoting well-being for sustainable development goals.

Muduvuri’s son Tafadzwa said his father’s vision will see many people benefiting from it regardless of color, race or political affiliation.

“His vision is of bringing hope and life; people should experience a different kind of life, when seekinv medical services,” said Tafadzwa.

Jamaya said the hospital will give hope and trust to the people of Zimbabwe.

“Despite the economic hardships which we are experiencing right now with the opening of this hospital, people will experience a different kind of life here even under difficult situations,” he added.

“I believe and trust that with Muduvuri’s vision and leadership of ZANU PF lead by Cde Mnangagwa, Zimbabwe will prosper,” said Muduvuri.

Muduvuri further said President Mnangagwa and his team liberated Zimbabwe from colonial rule “and it’s our time to defend it economically”.

At Muduvuri Pan-African referral hospital there is a maternity section, intensive care section, OI clinic, school of nursing and private wards to cater for all classes.

During the campaign for the 2018 elections, President Mnangagwa promised to provide health facilities close to where people live and he has fulfilled it.

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