By Thomas Faranando

The City of Kadoma has converted bills to USD as from February and have started billing in United States dollars.

Speaking on a Budget taskforce WhatsApp group, City of Kadoma director of finance, Mrs Faustina Zhou said few people are paying their bills and encouraged other to do likewise so that the City can provide quality and effective service delivery.

“In terms of paying the rates, the response is fair from those that pay, but more work needs to be done on those that have not been paying,” Zhou said.

She said they are having challenges in supplying water in areas that usually get water due to loadshedding.

In an effort to provide clean portable water one needs electricity so City of Kadoma has planned to set up a solar farm.

“We await cost indications for a solar farm to deal with power at our waterworks to which we hope to bring for discussion and way forward in the coming quarter,” she added.

Speaking of waste management she said their refuse fleet has also become very unreliable thereby affecting their usual schedules.

“We have gone to tender for a refuse truck. This took long due to procedure and resource requirements,” she said.

Tariro Chivandire a Kadoma resident urged her fellow rate payers to pay up their bills as Council has gone a long way in providing quality service delivery inspite of the economical hardships and striking a balance between service delivery and affordablility to pay by residents.

“Most of the residents in the city of Kadoma pay an average bill of around 20 USD in high density surburb and this Tarrif is being billed in United States dollars, payable with RTGS at Prevailing Auction Rate of the week,” she said.

She further said residents’ commitment to pay bills will enable City of Kadoma to deliver service in our community.

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