Five Chinese nationals attacked, lose US$11k to armed robbers

FIVE Chinese nationals were attacked and seriously injured by armed robbers who got away with US$11000 in Greendale on Wednesday night.
The five – Cheng Weixiq, 44, Lu You Peng, 37, Qin Wang, 40, Deng Xitao, 52, and Zhao Zhizheng, 55, were attacked by four unidentified men armed with a catapult, a hammer and a wooden stick.
The four armed robbers were reported to have jumped a precast wall and gained entry into the house through a lounge door.
Sources told H-Metro that the Chinese nationals’ 23 year-old gardener Tafadzwa Garanewako was arrested in connection with the robbery.
“Tafadzwa was picked by Rhodesville police officers in connection with the robbery,” said the source.
“He was suspected to have connived with the robbers and locked up the dogs since the dogs did not bark during the time the victims were being attacked.
“They entered the first room where Cheng Weixiq, Lu You Peng and Deng Zhitao were seated.
“They hit Cheng Weixiq with a catapult on the neck, Lu You Peng with a wooden stick on the hand and Deng Zhitao was hit on the head with an unknown object.
“They ordered the three to lie down and they complied.
“The robbers ransacked the room in search of valuables.
“Three of the robbers were reported to have  gone into the second bedroom where Qin Wang and Zhao Zhizheng were and they hit Qin Wang with an unknown object on the right hand and stomach.
“Zhao Zhizheng was hit with a catapult on the forehead.
“They ransacked the room and took US$11 000 which was in Qin Wang’s bag and went away through the lounge door,” said the source.
National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi could not be reached for comment by the time of going to press. *H-Metro*

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